STM Veterans

The St. Thomas More Veterans Ministry’s Virtual Memorial Day display honors parish deceased veterans.

Parish Veterans who served & died during wars and the Cold War.

Killed in Action (KIA) (photo):


Thomas Leavey KIA Sept 1950 (photo)


Cale C. Miller KIA May 24, 2012 (photo)


Mark Daily

Matthew Ferrara

Brandon Meyer

Paul Nakamura

Justin Pollard

Daniel Santee

Abraham Simpson

Jonathon Simpson

Parish Veterans & New Additions:

WWII: (photo)

Army: Robert Gosney Jr.  (photo)

Korea: (photo)

Navy – Capt. Johnson (photo)

Army – Jim Pigneri (photo)

Vietnam: (photo)

Army – Lt. Col. Ed Moore

Missile Crisis:

Navy – Fred Puza (photo)

We thank them for their service.  We thank you for your support.

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Ministry Leader Name

Sgt. Bob Kohler