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Update on Tanzania Water Project

May. 20, 2017


Last summer Fr. Ildefonce Mapara visited St. Thomas More and described the great need for money to purchase pipes to bring clean water to his village in Tanzania.  Here is a copy of the email he sent with the results:

"I want to thank all the parishioners at St. Thomas More for their generosity for the clean water Project in southern Tanzania. also thanks to Fr. John and Fr. Binh for their hospitality when I was there.

I am pleased to send you a report of the accomplishment of the water project  which the parishioners made it a success by their donations last July, 2016.

The amount of money from St. Thomas was one third of the whole project expenses. We used all the money from St. Thomas More to buy PVC pipes. Other expenses/funds (from other sources) in the project were for buying piping accessories, transportation, technical labor, and building a reservoir/concrete tank for this one village – Mkayukayu – in southern Tanzania.

Having established the gravity fed water system we continue to raise funds to buy more pipes and build concrete tanks for three more villages.

Please share with the parishioners the achievements of this project: the report and pictures.

I hope to come to St. Thomas More someday to say thanks to the people.

Thank you and God bless."

Fr. Ildefonce Mapara, OSB.

Click here to see the pictures he sent.


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