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Cold & Flu Season Etiquette

Feb. 03, 2018

With the arrival of the cold and flu season, we thought we would provide some helpful guidelines for your participation in the Liturgy. If you are sick, consider staying home. Please remember that it is not a sin to miss Mass because you are sick. If you are attending Mass, please be understanding if your neighbor is choosing not to shake hands. A simple gesture like a smile or bow of the head would be appropriate to demonstrate the mutual charity celebrated at that time during Mass. During this season, please strongly consider receiving the Eucharist in the hand only. Receiving the Eucharist under both species is up to the individual. It is important to remember, however, that Christ is truly and completely present under each of the sacramental signs of either bread or wine. Therefore, if you are ill, please consider refraining from the cup during this flu season.

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