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Believe and Grow Together Campaign

Jun. 17, 2017


Dear St. Thomas More Parishioners,

I am pleased to announce that we have raised more than $1.82 million in pledges for the Believe and Grow Together Capital Campaign. We have received pledges ranging from $5 to $400,000, and every gift brings us closer to our goal. I am overwhelmed by the tremendous support and generosity this campaign has received already, but I have to believe we can do more.

For us to reach our goal, we need all parishioners to assume ownership of the campaign and make their sacrificial gift. We pray that everyone will respond to the effort with an open heart and make a meaningful gift that will lead us in a successful effort to build our new church.

Our parish has a long history of sacrificial giving, not only in terms of treasure, but also in prayer and ministry. To continue our generous spirit of giving, I ask that you prayerfully consider a gift meaningful to you. If we continue to come together, as one united faith community, to accomplish the vital work of our parish, we will be successful in reaching our goals.

Our volunteers are doing a wonderful job of reaching out to fellow parishioners, answering questions about the campaign, and asking for support. It is not an easy task. Please be kind and receptive to a volunteer’s efforts to get in touch with you. If you received a letter and a pledge card in the mail prayerfully consider a personal gift to this campaign. Please fill out the card and return it to the parish office.

Thank you for graciously accepting this opportunity to serve as good stewards of God’s many blessings.

“The offering of the just enriches the altar, a sweet odor rises before the Most High. The sacrifice of the just is acceptable, never to be forgotten.  With a generous spirit pay homage to the Lord, and do not spare your freewill gifts. With every contribution show a cheerful countenance, and pay your tithes in a spirit of joy” (Sirach 35:8-11).

In Christ,

Fr. John

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