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Believe and Grow Together Campaign

Aug. 12, 2017








As of this weekend, August 12-13, we have raised $5.0 million in gifts and pledges bringing us to 71% of our initial goal of $7 million!  This is a great result from just 461 of our 3400 registered families.  Thank you so much for your support - each and every gift is greatly appreciated!

Each pledge is supporting the future growth of our faith community for generations to come.  We can make our new church a reality if we all do our part.  If you have not yet pledged, please prayerfully consider joining your fellow parishioners by investing in our parish's future.  Every gift - no matter the size - will help.

You are invited to sit back and enjoy the attached video about St. Thomas More and our BELIEVE AND GROW TOGETHER Capital Campaign.

ENVISION our new church! LISTEN to the heartfelt stories about how our parish affects lives now. HEAR how our new church will benefit you, your family, our parish, our diocese and our community.

We CAN make our new church a reality if ALL of us do our part. IMAGINE the day we break ground!  What we do now will bless us, our children, grandchildren, and generations of future parishioners.

Click for the video Believe and Grow Together – St. Thomas More


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