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A Request from the STM Library Staff

Jan. 01, 2016


Happy New Year and a request from your library staff: As you are putting away all of those beautiful Christmas decorations at the beginning of the New Year, please be on the lookout for any library materials, DVD’s or books. Many of these critters have gone AWOL and the library staff and their shelf mates miss them. Parishioners have also been asking about some of them.

They are crafty and known to hide under beds, behind couches, and under stacks of other materials, however their labels and card pockets make them easily identifiable. If you apprehend any of these runaways be gentle but firm and return them to their rightful place in the library. A warm welcome awaits both them and you. Thank you for your help in rounding up these happy wanderers. 

If the library is closed when you return these items, you may leave them in the top drawer of the cabinet under the picture of the Blessed Mother in the lobby by the parish office.

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