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STM Veterans

The STM Veterans’ mission is to honor the deceased veterans of the parish by providing a flag line at funerals, honoring them with a picture on the STM website, and holding a Memorial Day ceremony.  Also involves attending a monthly communion service and raising funds for church charities.

Please visit our website to view the Parish Honor Roll and rosters of our active veterans of the US armed forces.

If you are a veteran of our parish and want to be included in our roster, visit the Veterans Input page and give us any information you would like.

All veterans or members of families who have lost a veteran who should be on our Parish Honor Roll, please enter our website and click on Veterans Input to give us the data we need to do the input. Also, a picture of your loved one would be appreciated.  We do need a email address to do this. This is the only request for your email and that is to contact you.  We will not use it for any other purpose.


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